Amethyst Silver Plated Dancing Shoes Pendant


Silver Plated pendant in Irish Dancing Shoe design on 18inch chain. .
Legend: A rich heritage of Irish dances has been collected over the centuries including jigs, reels, hornpipes, sets, half sets, polkas & step dances. The Feis (Irish dance & music competition) is still an important part of Irish culture. The world-wide success of Riverdance has placed Irish dance on the international stage, filling dance schools worldwide. Competition dress is flamboyant, often with trademark wig of ringlets to emphasise the high kicks. Soft shoes are worn for jigs and reels, hard shoes for the hornpipe. Today Irish dancing is still a regular part of social functions. Ceilis are held in many Irish towns, visitors are always welcome; with informal instruction, anyone can master the first steps and share the enthusiasm for Irish dance.


Silver Plated Pendant


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