Brush, A Tale of Two Foxes ~ by Pierce Feiritear ~ Paperback


An action adventure set in winter, starring two hungry young foxes called
Misty and Ash.

Can they out-wit the McLug brothers and the ugly hound, Raptor?

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Misty and Ash are two young foxes, and they’re determined to get food for their family.
But they also have to out-fox an ugly hound called Raptor, and his nasty scheming owners,
the MacLugs. Can they do it?

Excerpt from Brush, A Tale of Two Foxes

Chapter 1

One Christmas Eve, when the snow swirled and the wind howled, a crow swooped over the rooftops of Clonowen village. The bird was in a hurry because she carried a large piece of bread. She flew over the village square, where laughing children played, across the river and
the white fields towards the woods on a hill in the distance. Then, after circling the trees, she came down on the branch of an old oak.
She was about to eat the bread when she saw a fox looking up at her

What the critics had to say:

“Animal stories for young readers don’t come much better than this …Great fun.”
Children’s Books Ireland Magazine, INIS

“Fast, furious and warmly humorous. Good readers, reluctant readers and well-established readers will enjoy this tale.”
Primary Teachers’ Journal, INTOUCH


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