Rescued by Maria Murphy (Signed)


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In 1889, on the beautiful Mizen peninsula lives a young woman called Ellen. Although the daughter of a simple fisherman, she is no ordinary woman.

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Ellen is a healer, with a heart and spirit as wild and free as the Atlantic Ocean she lives beside. She devotes her life to helping others, often in secret. But when a stranger, in the fine clothes of the landed gentry, is washed up on the sand in front of her remote cottage, she is fearful of helping him because of the trouble he could bring to her and those she loves.

Trying to stay faithful to a warning her grandmother passed on to her, Ellen has to do all she can to protect herself and her home from this stranger.

But perhaps it’s the stranger and his heart that needs protection from her?

Praise for Maria Murphy’s For the Love of Martha

‘An intriguing read, the thread drawing the generations together tightening and tightening as the story evolves and the mystery unravels’ Evening Echo

‘A gorgeous read’ Woman’s Way

‘A wonderful new talent. A storyteller who will grip you from

the first page’ A. O’Connor

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