The Book of Shadows ~ by E.R. Murray ~ Paper Back


Aimed at boys and girls aged 8-12, The Book of Shadows  is a story of magic and adventure set in Ireland.

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Two months after defeating Zach Stone and Judge Ambrose, Ebony is settling into her role as guardian for The Order of Nine Lives. All seems quiet until she receives a peculiar silver box from an anonymous sender and is tasked with returning it to a mystery owner. Then she meets another family from The Order, the O’Hara’s, and discovers from their daughter Chiyoko that most of The Order believe she is not the true guardian.

When Chiyoko is kidnapped by the Shadow Walkers controlled by Judge Ambrose, Ebony must figure out how to save her. As she embarks on another dangerous adventure she soon discovers that Zach and Ambrose have allied with a powerful ancient demon and are more determined than ever to steal her soul and control the fate of the world. To defend The Order and defeat the demon, Ebony and her pet rat, Winston, must unravel the mystery of the silver box, free the trapped souls in the Reflectory and rescue Chiyoko. Can she find the strength and courage needed to defeat the enemy, prove herself the rightful guardian and save all of their lives?

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