The Odyssey for Arznel ~ by Kieran McCarthy ~ Paper Back


There is a legend among the animals. Long ago, a great tiger, known as Arznel, led an uprising against the humans, in a bid to save the world from destruction. But Arznel was defeated, captured and never seen again. Hope remains, that one day he will be free, and the great revolution can begin anew. But where is Arznel? And who can rescue him?
The second in a series, which features Lough Hyne nature reserve, a marine lake in West Cork, about 5 km southwest of Skibbereen.

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Not long has gone since the great battle that ravaged the beautiful nature sanctuary of Lough Ine. But hope and determination thrives in the hearts of Dreamer and his animal friends, who are ready to set out in search of their fabled leader, Arznel. But their journey has been delayed by new dangers at home – dangers in the form of loggers, and an evil rat who is loyal to the humans. In the midst of it all, Dreamer is plagued by new and terrible dreams – of ‘the man in the black suit.’ A man, who may play a key role in the coming war…


Kieran McCarthy was only 21 when his first book was published in 2014. He lives, works & plays in Skibbereen town.

Suitable for children 11+

Illustrated throughout by the author.


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